Tesla battery researcher unveils new cell that could last 1 million miles in ‘robot taxis’ - Current tech is 300,000 miles and 500,000 miles

Date Published: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 09:59:14 +0200

Earlier this year, Musk said that they built Model 3 to last as long as a commercial truck, a million miles, and the battery modules should last between 300,000 miles and 500,000 miles. However, the CEO claims that Tesla has a new battery coming up next year that will last a million miles.

The new battery tested is a Li-Ion battery cell with a next-generation “single crystal” NMC cathode and a new advanced electrolyte. Dahn’s team have been extensively testing these cells and based on the results, they think that the battery could power an electric car “for over 1.6 million kilometres [1 million miles].” With an active cooling system, like in Tesla’s battery pack, it was pushing the battery cells to over 6,000 cycles, which would easily mean over 1 million miles in a good battery pack.

More info at

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#^ Tesla battery researcher unveils new cell that could last 1 million miles in ‘robot taxis’


Tesla’s battery research partner has released a new paper on a battery cell that could last over 1 million miles, which they say is going to be particularly useful in ‘robot taxis’ — something that Tesla wants to bring to market. When talking about the economics of Tesla’s future fleet of robotaxis at the Tesla Autonomy Event, Tesla CEO E...

DiRT Rally For Windows, MacOS and Linux is Currently FREE on Steam, Saving You $39.99 until 10AM PT on September 16, 2019

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 19:13:31 +0200

DiRT Rally delivers an exceptional rally racing experience with more than 40 rally cars available to race on more than 70 stages. And DiRT Rally even has a native Linux version to boot! You’ll need a valid Steam account (free, requires e-mail) in order to redeem the offer, as well as to download and install the game.


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#^DiRT Rally is Currently FREE on Steam, Saving You $39.99 [Limited Offer] - OMG! Ubuntu!


You can snag a FREE copy of DiRT Rally, the well-regarded rally racing game for Windows, macOS and Linux, from the Steam store — but only for this

Google Maps just got a brand new feature - it will now show users drug and alcohol addiction recovery resources on the map

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 19:01:18 +0200

Google Maps will display more the location of more than 83,000 recovery meetings, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Moreover, Google Maps will also display the nearest location where people could find non-prescriptions drugs including Naloxone or Narcan that can treat overdoses. All you have to do is search for “Naloxone near me” or “Narcan near me” in the search bar of the app. The company has partnered with Recovery Resource Hub to vet the maps, and the help page won’t feature any ads.

But I'm suspecting this is the US only (at least for now). Let's hope other such agencies in other countries get to know about it and get involved too.


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Google Maps just got a brand new feature that goes way beyond navigation
by Chris Smith on BGR

Best Tool Backpacks in 2019 - A more compact Backpack is often better than a large Toolbox

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 18:56:21 +0200

In the past, a man was defined by his tools in the bag that he carried them in. A large bag filled with tools from a reputable brand was seen as a sign of superiority and/or achievement. In fact, it moved from the size of the bag to the size of a toolbox. Men were literally trying to find the biggest toolbox for their shop and/or truck.

Things have changed since then… now women too are wanting a more practical size...

Now, instead of bringing everything that you own at one time, you bring only those items which you consider it essential to the job. The large, oversized bags that weighed 50+ pounds have now been replaced with smaller backpacks. Plus, backpacks are even replacing the standard toolbelt, proving themselves to be more efficient and practical.

There are plenty of tool backpacks on the market to choose from. Knowing which one is right for you can be difficult, especially with marketing departments working overtime to ensure you buy their products.

A sensible size backpack carries what you need in an organised manner and can also look neat enough to remain handy inside the house.

See an overview of some of the best backpacks to choose from at

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#^Best Tool Backpack [2019] | Coolest Gadgets


The best tool backpack is the DEWALT DGC530. It has a built-in LED light, the ability to charge USB devices by utilizing a 20V battery and a laptop compartment.

You can now subscribe to my blog posts in the Telegram Messenger Channel @GadgeteerZA

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 14:15:30 +0200

Useful for mobile users and those not wanting to read e-mail or visit social media websites, my posts are also going into the Telegram Channel @GadgeteerZA as I post them. You just search from within Telegram for it and subscribe. Alerts or notifications can be muted if you wish, to just browse the posts when it suits you.


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Subscribe to receive few select daily posts about interesting technology, gadgets, green tech, or open source items of interest. Main site at

Nextcloud 17 scales up and improves data protection with Remote Wipe, collaborative text editor, 2FA updates, IBM Spectrum Scale support and Global Scale improvements

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 14:08:04 +0200

Nextcloud 17 will introduce a series of secure collaboration features including a collaborative text editor, remote wipe, updated secure view, improved two-factor-authentication and easier access than ever with deeper integration of large-scale storage like S3 and IBM Spectrum Scale.

Nextcloud 17 is available as release candidate, with the final release expected later this month.

Seems like just a few weeks ago we got v16 so interesting to see Nexcloud really being active with improvements. I was also surprised to see quite a few new apps that were available in its repos for easy installation to expand with extra functionality. Remote wipe is especially good for enterprises to wipe data off lost devices or guest accounts.

See more details on the new functionality at

#^Nextcloud 17 scales up and improves data protection with Remote Wipe, collaborative text editor, 2FA updates, IBM Spectrum Scale support and Global Scale improvements – Nextcloud


Nextcloud is the most deployed self-hosted file share and collaboration platform on the web. Access & collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it

Firefox browser taking a long time to start - Set it to automatically clear the cache every time it closes

Date Published: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 13:39:59 +0200

I noticed my Firefox browser has been taking longer and longer to start up (Vivaldi was near-instant) and I noticed its cache was well over 1 GB in size. Clearing the cache worked but you really need to have it do this automatically. The guide below shows you how to do it but be careful to only have "cache" ticked otherwise it will also delete your site cookies, passwords, login info, etc.



The Firefox cache temporarily stores parts of websites you visit. Learn how to clear it to fix issues with how websites work or look.

Best Dash Cams of 2019 - Newer Options Are Appearing So Always Worth Rechecking

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 20:49:38 +0200

I quite like the POAEAON Full Touch Screen Mirror Dual Dash Cam but the functionality missing for me is no GPS. I still have my Garmin Dashcam which does everything I want (not listed here) and the voice control is very useful but I do find it is often triggered by random other sounds which is a bit annoying.

The article also gives some tips to consider and it is true that at the end of the day a dashcam does boil down to its video quality. If you compromise on that then it is not worth much to you. These cameras are improving over time so every 2 or so years it's worth having another look.


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#^Best Dash Cam [2019] | Coolest Gadgets


The overall best solo dash cam is the YI Smart Dash Cam. For the money it offers all the essential features you might need.

How To Wet Shave With A Safety Razor Tutorials - A Good Collection Of Video Tutorials

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 19:49:00 +0200

For most people, shaving sucks. Very few people enjoy the morning process of lathering up with a cheap shaving cream, shaving with a cartridge razor, applying tissue to the areas where you cut yourself, and then dealing with razor burn and razor bumps for the rest of the day.

But then you have those that wet shave. It is a different experience. It is relaxing, enjoyable, and it just plain feels better when you are done.

Enjoy the varied collection of videos on the topic at

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#^How To Wet Shave With A Safety Razor - Wet Shaving Club


How To Wet Shave With A Safety Razor - An In Depth Library From Wet Shave Experts Found On The Web. Learn How To Wet Shave From The Pros! The Wet Shave Club

How to Create a free automated Telegram Bot to automatically post your Blog, Tweets, or RSS feed to a Telegram Channel or Group

Date Published: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 16:45:49 +0200

Yep another thing that WhatsApp can't do but this is a nifty way to create a Telegram Channel that anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe from on a mobile device or desktop. The Channel will autopost your blog posts, RSS feed, Tweets, etc to the Channel. It's useful for followers or subscribers who are used to a mobile experience.

See how to set one up at

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#^How to Create an automated Telegram Bot to post in your Telegram Channel/Group - Dignited


Automated Telegram Bots in Channels/Groups are a smart way to pull content from social media avenues like Twitter, YouTube VK and via RSS feed

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