Spotify is going to give podcasters listener data they can’t get anywhere else. The company is taking its Spotify for Podcasters dashboard out of a beta today, giving more podcasters a chance to see data like their listeners’ music taste, age, gender, location, and how long they listened to a particular episode. Apart from Apple, which offers some show analytics, this is the most detailed information podcasters likely have about their audience.

Around 100,000 podcasts have signed up for the program since its beta rollout last October, Linnea Hemenez, head of content marketing at Spotify, tells me. But Spotify has more than 450,000 shows as part of its catalog, so it has a ways to go to bring those hosts over to the analytics platform. The dashboard is available globally but only in English for the time being.

Assuming this is aggregated data (anonymous) only, it is valuable to podcasters because their advertisers need stats regarding the target market being reached. More and more people are drawn to becoming Vloggers, podcasters, etc for income and that is paid for through advertising as generally, end subscribers do not want to pay for their content. If the opposite were true we would not need advertising...

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#^Spotify needs podcasts, so it’s offering podcasters something they can’t get anywhere else


Spotify for Podcasters comes out of beta today.

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